Basic host management for WoK

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Installing Ginger-base

Ginger-base 2.3.0 is supported in Fedora 25, Ubuntu 16.10, Opensuse Leap 42.2 and CentOS 7. As a WoK plug-in, WoK is needed to be installed for Ginger-base to run.

Fedora and RHEL:

First, download the files below if running F25:

WoK Fedora rpm
Ginger-base Fedora rpm

Or these files if running CentOS 7:

WoK CentOS 7 rpm
Ginger-base CentOS 7 rpm

Then execute in a terminal:

sudo yum/dnf install <wok and ginger-base rpms>


First, download all the files below:

WoK for Ubuntu deb
Ginger-base for Ubuntu deb

Then execute in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i <wok and ginger-base debs>


First, download all the files below:

WoK for OpenSuse LEAP
Ginger-base for OpenSuse LEAP

For Opensuse LEAP additional repos are needed to install dependencies:

sudo zypper ar -f virt_repo
sudo zypper ar -f winswitch_repo
sudo zypper refresh

If asked to trust the repositories keys, choose to 'trust always'. These are official Suse repos.


sudo zypper install <wok and ginger-base rpms>

Restarting wokd service

After installing Ginger-base package, you just need to start WoK service to get it up:

sudo service wokd start


sudo systemctl restart wokd.service

Note: The above command lines may vary depends on your operating system.

Then access WoK in your favorite browser https://<machine-ip>/8001

Have fun! =)