WoK plugin for host management

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Ginger is an open source host management plugin to Wok, Web Server Originated from Kimchi, that provides an intuitive web panel with common tools for configuring and operating Linux systems.

Wok is a cherrypy-based web framework with HTML5 support that is extended by plugins which expose functionality through REST APIs.

The current features of Host Management of Linux system include:

  • retrieve system health (sensors) stats
  • user login account management,
  • network interface configuration,
  • configuration backup,
  • Power firmware update,
  • Power saving profile management,
  • IBM Serviceable Event Provider

Browser Support

Wok and its plugin can run in any web browser that supports HTML5. The Kimchi community (responsible for Wok project) makes an effort to test it with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers, but the following list can be used as reference to browser support.

Desktop Browser Support:

  • Internet Explorer: Current version
  • Chrome: Current version
  • Firefox: Current version
  • Safari: Current version
  • Opera: Current version

Mobile Browser Support:

  • Safari iOS: Current version
  • Android Browser Current version

Distro Support

The Ginger community makes an effort to test it with the latest versions of Fedora, RHEL, OpenSuse, IBM KVM and Ubuntu/Debian.